Bulk Heads Construction & Repair: Bulkheads are retaining walls that are most often referred to as seawalls, bulk heading, or rip rap. They are manmade structures constructed along shorelines  with the purpose of controlling beach erosion.  Bulkheads stop the process of erosion so that waterfront property is protected.  

Construction materials commonly used include wood, wood pilings, vinyl, steel, and concrete.  Sometimes large boulders are stacked to form a wall. 

Age and heavy exposure to the elements may indicate that a bulkhead is in need of maintenance or that the bulkhead has fulfilled its service life.  In some cases, the bulkhead may be damaged due to loads in excess of what it was originally designed to withstand.

Docks: A dock or basin is a structure extending along the shore or out from the shore into a body of water, to which boats or yachts may be moored. They can also be used for other recreational vehicles. At Coastal Marine Construction LLC, we can build docks on land or by water. We can install both floating and fixed docks.  We can construct any dock to fit your needs using either classic wood boarding or a newer composite decking.

Pier: A pier extends out in to the water typically used to maximize waterfront area. Since they extend out in to the water, they are also a great for achieving desired water depth. This allows for a greater possibility of boats and or yachts you can accommodate. Piers for residential use are usually made from wood pilings with reinforced braces and joists then decked with either composite or wood decking. 

Boat Lifts: Boat lifts help retain the beauty and life of your boat by keeping the bottom clean and free from marine life. Let us help you protect your investment.
We recommend Hi-Tide® boat lifts.  We are one of 240 trained dealers and contractors of Hi-Tide®, a premier US manufacturer of standard and custom boat lifts.  Affordable and durable, Hi-Tide® boat lifts have patented Gear Drive® Technology.  More information can be found at their website: http://www.hi-tide.com/index.php or at http://www.a-ply.com/
Helical Pilings:​  Helical pilings can improve your foundation load bearing capabilities. They may be used to reinforce and or repair foundations or bulkheads that may otherwise be failing. This type of foundation/ bulkhead reinforcement has been used in both commercial and residential applications, with varying sizes and bearing capacities that will fit your needs.

Helical pilings are an alternative method in securing and strengthening foundations and bulkheads. They are galvanized steel anchors consisting of bearing plates that are screwed into the ground until they reach stable soil. After reaching stable soil, the load is placed upon these bearing plates. Then they are attached to the existing foundation or bulkhead. 
Vessel Recovery:​  In the unfortunate circumstance that your boat has sunk or run aground/on land, we can retrieve it for you. Recovering a sunken boat can be a dangerous job. In order to ensure the safety of every only use the most knowledgeable individuals. At Coastal Marine, we have a military trained diver who is certified and has a NAUI advanced scuba diver certificate on our team.  

House Pilings: Use to Support homes and other structures. They are pilings that are either hammered or vibrated deep in to the ground, this method is very typical where it is hard to achieve solid ground or where keeping your home elevated is necessary or just a good way to protect it. Typically located around beach areas or areas close to the waterways where the risk of flooding is high.
House Raising:  After a home has been built and the home owner seeks it too be elevated, house raising is an option. The home is lifted from its foundation and elevated to desired/required height. The foundation is then adjusted accordingly either moved and then pilings are installed or if the foundation is block construction blocks are then added and finally the home is placed back down. Hydraulic jacks and I-beams and other support equipment is used to do this.